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Thursday, January 9, 2014

My Mother was Nuts - A Memoir by Penny Marshall

Amazon has daily deals where you can buy an electronic book for $1.99, and the book "My Mother was Nuts" by Penny Marshall was one of those deals.  I thought, "Hey, my mother was nuts, too (aren't all mothers?)!  Maybe her mother was like mine?"  So, I clicked "buy" and downloaded my new Penny Marshall ebook.

After reading it, I concluded we really don't have that much in common and her mom wasn't really all THAT nutty.

I did find it interesting to learn more about how Hollywood operates and some of the background of the TV shows and movies Ms Marshall was associated with.  In some ways it was like reading the Enquirer 'cause I was so much out of the loop. For example, I didn't know she and Art Garfunkle were a couple, nor did I know she had been friends with John Belushi and did drugs.  I also didn't know she directed "Awakenings" and "Big". I realized I really didn't know that much about Penny Marshall except she was in the TV show LaVerne and Shirley and she was a Hollywood starlet.

The book is a memoir and you get to see her perspective on how she lives, along with an inside view in her relationships and what makes her tick.  It is not an inspiring book; more informative, but with a laugh now and again.