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Friday, January 10, 2014

Becoming Biodegradable

I am a product of the Gloria Steinham era where we all were encouraged to throw off our aprons and get careers. As a result, many women my age never learned to cook, but instead, fed their families directly from the freezer, a box, or through the drive up window.  

It wasn’t until recently when I became mortified by seeing a photo of a twenty-year old Twinkie that hadn’t aged a bit.  It could not decompose because of all the preservatives and chemicals stuffed into it. The theory was it would still be lookin' good long after the rest of us were dead and turned to dust.

I then realized I probably had a couple of twenty year old Twinkies still stuck in my body, too, and they were probably hiding in fat cells and would NEVER decompose, either.  I swore off Twinkies right then and there and started on a new path. I began to read food labels and felt remorse that throwing away that apron had unknowingly thrown away good health, too.  I had unknowingly become filled with chemicals and preservatives, too, and if I wanted to become biodegradable, I needed to eat food without preservatives, which meant I needed to cook.  

So, I'm learning to cook. 

I recently became the owner of a brand new food processor, which is a HUGE step of advancement on the path of cooking. It is a signal to others letting them you know you are serious when it comes to your kitchen.

Since becoming the owner of this new appliance, I have been processing everything in site. Essentially all my food has been pulverized to mush. Sure, everything is now very easy to swallow and can even be sucked through a straw. So, no, I'm still not very good at cooking and no, I also not very good at processing food, but I continue my quest to become preservative free - and eventually, I will be fully biodegradable.