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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Solstice Comparisons

Last summer I celebrated the solstice at the Avenue of the Giants, and I returned again to the same location for the winter solstice. The mood, lighting, and coloring are obviously very different in these two windows of time. This recent solstice had a crispness in the air and many plants and animals were dormant as if slumbering away and not caring that I was barging in on their turf. The mood was quiet. Peaceful. Solitary. It was as if the total atmosphere was one of contemplation.

Here are some comparative photos of the winter and summer solstice with photos taken in the same general area.
Entrance Path
Left is the Winter Solstice, Right is the Summer Solstice

Grove Comparisons
Left is Winter Solstice 2013, Right is Summer Solstice 2013

One of the Giant Trees
Left is Winter Solstice 2013, Right is Summer Solstice 2013

I like how the solstice is a mark in time. It reminds me to take notice and use the moment to connect with mother nature.  When I do that, I can't help but bathe in that energy of love, connection, hope and abundance.  The outcome of this experience is a nourished soul, fortified to not only continue on, but to know which paths may be best for me to walk.... until the next solstice. You can't beat that type of feedback and clarity!