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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

First time with Face time

The iPhone rang early this morning and it displayed who it was. It was my son, so I answered the phone and noticed the camera was on. But like most other civilized people from my era, I ignored it, and placed the iPhone up to my ear so we could chat.

"Hi mom," my son says. "You've got the camera on. I'll call back in a few minutes."

We hang up and I go to the camera - "no, it is off," I say to myself.  I wait for him to call me back.

When the phone rings again, I notice the camera is back on. I immediately freak out 'cause I must have done something wrong.

My son laughs and says, "Mom, it's Face Time- We can see you, and you can see us! It's a way to be together on Christmas!  It's OK. Say hi to the kiddo!"

"So why in your earlier call did you say you would call back?" I ask.

"Just in case you were naked - so you could get dressed."

I then realized, that when I put the iPhone up to my ear in the prior call, he must have had a birds-eye view of naked skin - my ear!  He probably didn't know what he was looking at and kindly said he would call back, assuming I would realize I needed to get decent for my first Face Time view with Kansas.

Sometimes people make weird assumptions about me.  Naked? perhaps, but never without lipstick!