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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Creating a life of wonder

I've been trying to spend time each day just noticing life; you know, paying attention and appreciating some moment each day, and then sealing it up into a memory. But then, I get distracted, or busy, or forget, and find my good intention just slipped completely away.

BJ Fogg, a professor at Stanford, says if we associate a desired behavior with one of our routine daily behaviors, like brushing our teeth, the routine event will trigger a reminder to also do the new behavior we want to develop.

So, I developed a new plan.

I bought a beautiful clear glass canister to sit in my kitchen window sill next to where I place my purse. Each time I pick up my purse, I'm going to pause and remind myself to be mindful, take a breathe in, and tell myself to bring back an "ah hah" memory.  Then, when I return home and place my purse down by the canister,  I will recall the moment, date and record the event on a slip of paper, and place the paper in the jar.

My recorded moment can be something that made me smile, or smack my lips, or even just a feeling I got when something struck me as being wonderful. Essentially it can be anything that gave me pause, and made me feel alive and blessed.

You see, I want to take pay more attention to the good stuff in life.  I want to make sure I'm focused on noticing moments, feelings, and thoughts of wonder and get them imprinted within. I want my heart, mind, and soul to burst with the things that count, and to do that, I have to pay attention, pause, and notice.

THEN, next year, such as during the Winter Solstice, I will take my jar of recorded "ah hah" moments and peruse them with the anticipation of re-experiencing the moments and feelings of joy and wonder. I will make sure that the stuff that gave me pause, gets woven into my life fabric and memory banks.

I even anticipate this process will create more wondrous events in my life. Eventually, I suspect, almost my entire life may get filled up with just pure absolute amazement!  If that happens, I truly will be living a life of wonder.