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Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Best Apple Pie in the Whole World is from Topeka, KS

My daughter-in-law, SRCQ, once shared how the very best apple pie in the whole world was from Topeka, KS.

"Uh huh" I said with some disbelief. But then I visited Topeka, KS, and tasted their famous apple pie, and I said to SRCQ, "YOU ARE RIGHT! THIS IS INDEED THE VERY BEST APPLE PIE IN THE WHOLE WORLD!"

Since becoming aware of this remarkable fact about Topeka Apple Pie, I have been on a quest to find a comparable second place apple pie in beautiful California. So, recently, at BookClub, I solicited help from the club's well educated, well read, and very focused women to help me evaluate apple pies in California's Bay Area.

The ladies took up the challenge, creating specific evaluation criteria, such as appearance, firmness, smell, use of spices, the feel on the tongue, the flakiness of the crust, and the overall pie experience. I bought various pies came from different bakeries (or stores) in the Bay Area, such as "Fat Apples" and "Chow's" and "Whole Foods".

I was expecting a clear winner at the end of the evening but discovered everyone had a VERY different opinion about each and every pie. There was absolutely NOOOOO agreement on anything, except everyone shared how the very best pie was not any of the ones I bought. In fact, the BEST pie WOULD have been from a warehouse store called Costco.

"What? Costco?" I asked.
"Yes," they all said.

I was deflated. The best the Bay Area can produce comes from a warehouse?

I accepted this defeat. Topeka still reigns as the worlds best place for apple pie. A warehouse really can't compete with Annie from Topeka.

But, I have also come to realize that California has its own type of favorite and special pie. It's the pizza pie from Zachary's which may be the very best pizza pie in the whole world located right here is lovely Northern CA. :-)