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Monday, November 11, 2013

Changing the world

The first day back to work we gather at the water cooler and share stories of the weekend adventures.
"So what did you do this weekend?" asked one of my co-workers.
"Well, I changed the world!" I reported.
"How did you do that?" he continued.
"Well, I babysat my grandson" I shared.

You see,
I was TOTALLY and absolutely absorbed into every moment I spent with my new grandkid this weekend. I got to hold him, chat with him, read to him, sing songs, go exploring, swing at the park, do Qigong on him, give him a massage, and rock him to sleep. It was absolutely amazing. And by sharing this time, space, and energy together, I actually felt as if we were changing the entire world.

This is what it is like being a Grandma....
You get to be totally and completely absorbed into a new little life.
Each and every smile, whimper, cry, sigh, gasp, head tilt, tear, sneeze, hiccup, fart, spit-up, or even poopie diaper is a wondrous moment or event that makes you pay attention and absorb it all in.

I don't remember being like this as a mother...but as a GRANDMA, well, it's like having the opportunity for a life rewind and being able to re-experience a life chapter in slow motion with vivid detail. But this time, I get to see things through rose colored glasses and be awe struck with how this one little person seems to be able to change everything in the world; well, at least my world.

It just makes me smile at all that power wrapped up in this little tiny tyke of a human being.