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Friday, November 1, 2013

Capes - it can say something about a personality, don't ya think?

So if Gramz is a cape-kind-of-gal....

Is there ANY chance at all that the grandkid is a cape-kind-of-kid?
To test this out, we obviously needed a cape for Halloween.
A Batman onesie was going to be used to evaluate this possible nuance kind-of-behavior on Halloween day.

But then, with all that excitement, there was a wardrobe malfunction (poopie pants) and a replacement was required.

So, did we learn if the Bambino is a cape-kind-of-kid?
Well, we decided it doesn't matter.
We came to realize the kiddo is happy no matter what.
He easily smiles, grunts, and grins with or without a cape.

And just seems to be pleased to be here.