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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Bambino Style Magic

"Hi, Gramz," the Bambino grandkid says.
"I have a new trick I want to show you."
"My cousin Hope showed me this on FaceTime."
"First, you find your hands...
then choose a finger...
Yep, found one...."

"Then you mix it this....hmmm...yea, it was like this, I think...."

"then you blow on it...
or was I supposed to eat it?"

"then you wait...
which is not something I'm very good at 'cause I like to have things done immediately..."

"Gramz, are you watching me?"

The fingers just disappear!
Did you get that, Gramz?
The fingers are all gone.
Pretty amazing stuff, huh?"

"And that's how you do magic.
"Yep, nailed it!"

"You ought to see what else I can do with these hands.
Last week I didn't even know I had hands, but now, thanks to my Cuz, I learned about hands AND fingers."
Yep, I'm learning all sorts new stuff."

"This pooped me out so I'm going to catch up on a few ZZZZ's.

"Lights out. Catch ya later, Gramz."