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Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Prius Flatlines

After a lovely happy birthday party, on the late night drive home, my Prius's red exclamation point warning light and buzzing came on.  I had never even notice that big red icon before, so naturally ignored it. After all, I had a regularly scheduled car maintenance appointment at the dealer in just a few hours and they could look at the icon, then.

But then more of those warning icons lit up and flashed, letting me know the car was becoming more desperate in its communication.

But I was only a few miles from home so naturally continued to ignore it, but began mentally coaching it to just hang on so I could go to bed.

All the alarm bells then started flashing and buzzing and then it automatically changed from "drive" to "neutral".   There was only one option coast to the side of the road, call the car ambulance (tow truck) and wait while the Prius flatlined.

The hybrid is now having exploratory surgery.

I pace back and forth hoping my gas saving reliable vehicle will pull through without going over the limits of my credit card. But WAAAAAAY back in a very deep and hidden part of my brain is a teeeeny wheeeeny tiny little smirk of a thought; is time for a red convertible sports car?