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Sunday, October 13, 2013

The kid is brilliant!

Some of you know that I am a new grandma and are probably dying to know if I have become normal yet. For example, my staff at work are starting to roll their eyes during "sharing time" at our weekly meetings. This eye rolling is a clear sign I haven't yet made the transition to recognizing this grandparent thing should not be that big of deal.

This awareness of bored staff forced me to look for alternatives to sharing grandkid photos. Naturally, I had to start showing photos to people I don't know. For example, taking the elevator up to the 22nd floor at work became a great time to whip out the iPad and show photos of my brilliant grandson to people who look like they needed a smile in their day.

I'll show you what I mean.
This photo obviously is showing the grandkid knowing something the rest of us have not yet figured out.

it is scientific proof the kid is absolutely BRILLIANT. Or has a sense of humor. Or just passed some gas.