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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Stories of Batman

The grandkid and I have story time where I read some of the books he has in his library. I could see the kid was starting to doze off as I read him, "Are You My Mother?" so I quickly switched gears and started to share "The Story of Batman".

I made lots of sounds from the gadgets blasting off within this tale, and now the kid was getting interested and opened his eyes up wide with a smile. He was captivated with the action and unusual noises coming from his Gramz mouth. At the end of the story I could tell he was thinking he was Batman. So obviously, he needed Batman onesie.

Batman's uniform is supposed to be bulletproof and fire resistant with night-vision technology and communications arrays. But this one is labeled washable, which was good enough for me.

In addition, Batman usually has a fleet of high-tech and high-powered vehicles, like the Batmobile, Batcycle, Batboat, Batplane and Batcopter. But the Bambino's batmobile will need to be his stroller. After all, imagination is part of the tale, so he will need to pretend his wheels are fast and invincible as his mind develops new realms of possibility and wonder.