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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Special activities with grandma

I'm looking for those special activities a grandkid can only do with their grandma. You know, things to create that special bond and connection a kid can't do with their parents; only Gramz.

This may be one of those things...

I can hear his dad saying "not on my son, you don't! Don't you dare!" and I would say, "you know I would never do that!" and then smile.

But then, one day, in the near future, I would be rocking this new infant grandson and wondering what we can do now. He would eye my cherry red nail polish on the table and send me a telepathic message, "What is that?" he asks.

I would kindly and gently shake my head "no" while telling him it is nail polish and is not for him. He would start to cry and in a few minutes start to wail.
I would look for ways to calm him down, and bring the cherry red nail polish closer.
This peaks his interest.
I then show him how it is used, and paint my toes.
He wants to eat the bottle of polish.
I would say no, and then paint one of his toes.
He immediately stops crying and is amazed. He is curious.
So I paint another one of his toes.
He delights in the sensation and seeing those wiggly things change color.

Eventually all his toes are painted red and I tell him a story of 10 little pigs who want to go to market, but now are all dressed up in cherry red.
He is amazed in the wonder of all this.

You can see how something like this happens.
You just get caught up in trying to calm a kid down and a new activity unfolds.

If this happens more than once, it may become one of those special activities you can only do with grandma.