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Friday, September 27, 2013

Grandparenting - a new source of love energy

We have all had the experience when we are conversing with someone and their thoughts are elsewhere - the conversation and the feelings seem to float away and get lost in the ether. But when someone is focused and attentive, the whole experience changes; there is a connection. You can actually feel the difference.

This same focused attention also works with touch; when you add in the focused attention of an emotion, like "I care about you," the energy of the touch changes and become much more powerful.

This holds true in Qigong, as well. When I give a Qigong medical treatment, if I immerse myself in a feeling of love during the treatment, the energy changes and produces a more impactful outcome.

So, with all this awareness about energy, I was ready for date night with George (my new grandson). As I held my one-month-old infant over my shoulder, I filled my thoughts with feelings of love along with thinking these silent words; "you are loved, you are loved." He zonked right out in a very, very, very deep sleep. I held him this way for an hour or more, all the while keeping myself in that zone of deep love feelings and silently chanting love energy to him.

After date night, came home and discovered something unexpected; I felt different. My love chantings for bambino had filled me with all that love, too! This was so unexpected - for some reason I thought it would be a one-way street; me pouring love energy into his little body and soul, but I was the one who was now filled. I was changed. has become a journey of discovery. There are so many unexpected gifts from having this new little bundle of new energy come in our lives.