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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Date Night with George

George and I have a standing agreement to have a special night each week together. So on our date night, I got to rock and chat with him and he let me know all about his day.

"I got to try on a lot of new clothes today," he shared. "I love spitting up and pooping all over them as soon as mom puts them on. Today I got to try on my first pair of real pants. No more of those BABY onesies for me! But then I had an accident and pooped all over them, so Mom put me back to the onesies."

"I also went running with my dad for the first time. It was sooo fun!  I like having wheels and seeing the world. In fact, the whole day was an adventure with new stuff.  I've been smiling ever since."

George communicates telepathically with me.  He probably does this with his other grandparents, too, but it is a hoot-and-a-half to be around him and find out what he did.  Everything in the world is new.

What can I is a BLAST!