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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Aaaarrrrrrr - Bambino's First Talk Like a Pirate Day

We started a new family tradition by celebrating "Talk like a Pirate Day".  On this fabulous holiday, the adults wore pointy pirate hats with feathers and the bambino got to wear a cool pirate onsie with a matching pirate bandana. Naturally, he LOVED it!

We then tried to coach the kid to talk like a pirate and say something like
  • Ahoy there matie! or
  • Aye!, or
  • Arrrrrrr!
The kid grunted a time or two, so we all agreed those grunts were pretty darn close to sounding like an "Arrrrrr" which told us he was saying, "Why, yes, I AM a pirate!"

We then settled in to watch his very first pirate movie; Goonies!

We are now on our way to having this become a new family tradition...Arrrrrr (which means YES!)