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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wheat Grass, well, it is a lot like eating sod.

I'm always looking for ways to sneak in more vegies into my body before my lips can say, "What the hell?"
So when I saw this infographic about wheatgrass, I thought, "Hey, I can get all my vegies in this old body by breakfast!  My body will thank me and my tongue will still be groggy from sleep."

So, in my organic food delivery, I checked, "YES!  I want wheatgrass!"

The wheatgrass arrived in a clear plastic bag. I opened it up and there was the grass, growing in a 4 inch square planter. It was about 4 inches high and thick with vibrant blades of nutrients.

To be honest, it looked very much like sod one would plant in the yard, but I was NOT deterred.  I took out the kitchen sheers and snipped off a glob of this grass and threw it in my mouth, chewed a bit, hoping my tongue would force it down my throat before pushing it out of my mouth.  But the tongue rebelled and greenery was now covering my chin.

This new culinary experience of eating sod will be a tough one to learn to like.