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Monday, August 12, 2013

Snackin' Catnip

Tom LOVES catnip and gravitates to the planter box where this herb is growing. Tom is a big black manly cat, but when he gets near this plant, he goes nuts. He rubs his body on the plant, rolls on it, paws at it, licks it, chews it. In other words, he acts like he is in love and out of control. When he has enough, he walks away. (Yep, just like a man who came for a quickie).  But then, after a couple of hours, old Tom is back restarting his quirky love affair all over again for another two minute episode.
About two thirds of cats are sensitive to catnip, and it is a behavior they inherit. Apparently it doesn't just work on male cats; even female cats are known to get all weird around this plant, too.

I wondered if it could be used on some of the men I know (you know, instead of viagra). But according to Wikipedia, it is more like an herbal tea for humans and puts them to sleep.  In other words, it works like a quickie, but without the quickie.  Too bad.