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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Getting Ready for "Talk Like a Pirate" Day

Now that we have a grandkid in the family, we have to play nice and take turns. This includes dividing up holidays. So when it came to MY choice of 'who gets the new grandkid on which holiday' I NATURALLY chose "Talk Like a Pirate" day.  

Because you get to wear a cool eyepatch, talk funny, and it is just around the corner; Sept 19.  
I think the newborn grandkid is going to LOVE IT! 

I even found a FAB pirate outfit he can wear. Notice how even the baby model is screaming with absolute delight (or is it terror?!) Anyway, this is enough proof for me an infant will have strong emotions about this holiday.
From Costume Works
There are only a few weeks to get the Bambino ready for his new favorite holiday (aka Talk Like a Pirate Day).
First, he needs to learn to stay awake for longer than just a feeding.
Next, he needs to grow bigger so he can fit into a cool pirate outfit.
And he needs to learn his first word; "Arrrrrrrrr".