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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

To aluminumate my underarms or not

I'm on a health and wellness kick and began to assess chemicals and pesticides I was taking into my body. I realized I was welcoming chemicals into my bod via my skin by lathering up with lotion, or smudging my armpits with chemicals via deodorant, or covering my skin with make up containing chemicals I had never heard of.

I decided to make another tweak and adjustment in my activities of daily living with the anticipation I could prevent some crappy chronic illnesses from knocking on my door.

Soooo, I gave up antiperspirants containing aluminum and parabens and switched to the natural kind...the ones that are supposed to be kind and gentle to the body and do the job.

But the first thing I noticed was I started to STINK!!  I realized then this natural stuff doesn't last that long. It doesn't work all day at the office, for example.

I also noticed I SWEAT with this natural stuff. It was then I realized these products are not an antiperspirant. It was just a deodorant. ALL antiperspirants have aluminum.  The natural products are only to help you from you from stinking and just for a short stint of time.

THEN I broke out into having rashes under my armpits. After all, it is always moist, gooey, and dark under those pits and a great place for who knows what to grow.

So then I did what I should have done at the start. I researched to find out how BAD is aluminum, anyway?  Is it worse than being stinky, sweaty, and having raw meat under my pits??

What I learned is that aluminum is in the air, in the ground, and everywhere, so staying away from aluminum is impossible.  I also learned that taking a shot of an antacid has more than 30 times the amount of aluminum than in an antiperspirant.
all of the studies on Alzheimer's or breast cancer have resulted in the answer of "no" it doesn't cause Alzheimers and no, it doesn't cause cancer.

I'm going back to using antiperspirants.

For me, I have decided I prefer not sweating, not stinking, and not having my arm pits look and feel like raw hamburger.  If there was evidence of aluminum triggering the diseases, I would probably reconsider.But right now it is 100 degrees so I'm going back to having dry pits and not smelling like a caveman.

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