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Saturday, July 20, 2013

How did I get here? The process of developing wisdom & awareness

Sometimes you wonder how you got to this point and think "how did I even get to here?" At times you can be pleased with yourself and other times these reflections become a wake up call for change.

For example, I was reflecting back on how I it was I became interested in Qigong and became a Qigong practitioner.
"Well, I fell off a ladder and destroyed my knee. This led me to surgery which led me to having incredible uncontrolled migraines due to the anesthesia. The desire to stop the migraines led me to try everything in Western Medicine, which didn't stop the migraines. As a result, I explored alternatives, like acupuncture. It was during acupuncture I had many intense metaphysical experiences, which, led me to wonder why and find an explanation. This led me to study Chinese Medicine, and because Qigong was the only class on weekends, I signed up for Qigong, not even knowing what it was. It was then during the Qigong course there were even more fantastic metaphysical-like experiences as if saying "follow me! follow me"!
So I did.

In this process of reflection and evaluation, it was easy to see why and how I arrived at this point in my life.

This same process of discovery is apparent in a TV series called "Breaking Bad." In this TV show, we follow the story of how a mild mannered High School science teacher ends up being a drug dealer. Each episode features a triggering event which calls him to a make a decision. He can continue on this path or can go back to his former life of being the mild mannered man he used to be. Before our very eyes we see how and why he ends up becoming this new persona and in this journey, we the audience, are being shown little triggering events which lead to him moving forward to a new stepping stone in the life journey process.

This is how life works.
We make decisions that take us on a certain path. We continue to take these little steps and come to points where we can stop and say, "Hey, I'm not going to continue on this path but am going to try something else" or we can say "Boy, this is fun and interesting. I'll see what happens next."

This is what is so great about growing up. We get the opportunity to look back and say, "Ahh, now I see why I'm here and how I got on this path!"

To me, this is what we call wisdom. It is the process of learning, discovery, and understanding. It is awareness.