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Monday, July 1, 2013

21 day plant based diet

I have been slowly changing some of my more negative life-style habits. This has been years in the works and I have been doing it very slowly, one baby-step at a time.  This process has taken me longer than most,but for me, each tweaking and change gets settled in and becomes a more permanent lifestyle change.

I have always known that some day I would need to face my CHEESE demon, and because in the past I just couldn't make it up that hill alone, this time I decided to try a group approach; "The 21 day change program".

This program starts today, but last night I received an email from an out-of-state friend letting me know she can't visit me now because I am a vegetarian.


Vegetarianism is not a religion.
It is not a disease.
It is not a cult.
It is just changing what you eat and moving to a plant based diet.
For me, my goal is to deal with my achilles heel; cheese.

So, should I even start this journey when it causes fear and trepidation in others and will be the source of ruining years of friendship with others?


Being old and wise has taught me many life lessons over the years. One of which is how change is not just changing oneself, it also impacts family and friends as well.

But does it mean you should give up the journey?  Heck no; it just means it may be a tad more challenging.