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Monday, June 24, 2013

Searching for Glass Beach

Glass Beach is located at Fort Bragg, in Northern California. I had never heard of it until I saw a photo on Pinterest and I immediately put it on my places to visit.  This is what I expected

First of all, there are no big signs in Fort Bragg to direct you to this famous beach.  So when I heard,"Find Denny's, turn on that street, and head for the ocean" I thought, I guess it is not that well known.  I was is a SECRET BEACH!!! 

So I found Denny's and turned toward the ocean and came upon a little parking lot.  Here was the only sign to let me know I was in the right place; "Glass Collecting Prohibited".

 Sooo, I journeyed down the little sandy walkway

And arrived at GLASS BEACH

It was very different from what I expected.

Besides me, there was a bunch of people walking around the beach and we were all wandering around trying to find the pretty beach with the colored glass.  We would go up and ask each other, "are we at the right place?"  or, "I saw a photo on the internet and this sure doesn't look like it!" or "I found a few fragments of clear glass on the path, so we must be in the right place, but it sure isn't what I expected."

Yes, the beach looked kind of dumpy.  In fact, it used to be the city dump.  When they did the clean up, the broken glass was left behind and eventually became rounded from the wear and tear of the ocean waves.

The internet photos look pretty cool, but my visit was rather disappointing.