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Saturday, June 15, 2013


For whatever reason, I decided to try composting.  I think I got caught up with the idea of not only growing my own tomatoes, but also being able to give back to the land by recycling my fruit and vegie leftovers. 

I’ve been composting for a few weeks now, and all I can see is that it has become a new home for ANTS. They seem to LOVE my new garbage pit of greens. 

I also noticed some new gopher holes in my yard, too, so am pretty sure those little varmints are coming here to nibble on the wilted banana peels and getting drunk from the fermenting rotting grapes.

So, I guess what has changed from my composting project is that I now have two sets of critters making a noticeable entrance; ants and gophers.

Trying new things, in concept, is supposed to be fun, rewarding, and even adventurous. But in reality, not all adventures will stick and get molded in with an old personality. But one has to continue to try, don't they?

So I’m giving it ‘til the end of summer to see if this heap of fruit and vegetable peels will eventually turn into a deep dark fertile and rich soil.This is what I keep hoping it will some day look like:

If it doesn't turn into something that looks kind of like that, I will be forced to admit that composting isn't my best adventure and all I really did was take a collection of smelly vegetable peelings and made it into a nice home for some fortunate ants and a party palace for those darn gophers.