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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dear Anonymous Commenter

Dear Anonymous Commenter,

It is becoming quite funny how many anonymous comments you have left on my blogsite, hoping to sneak in a link to a website that has nothing to do with me, or the post...well, it actually has nothing to do with anyone.

I know you have been hired by someone to do this as a way of helping to increase their Google search ratings on nebulous websites with the desire it will move them higher up on the results page, but please stop!  I'm NOT going to publish your anonymous comments and links.  I'm just not!

You have made a gallant effort - I mean, it's almost 100 anonymous weird comments that are sitting in my spam folder, all coming from hired hands with broken English and rather pathetic grammar, but enough is enough!

Do yourself a favor and move on.  It's no longer entertaining.


Another Q