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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

BigFoot Scenic Byway

In 2001, the naming of California State Highway 96 was changed to “The Bigfoot Scenic Byway.” The road begins in Willow Creek, which is also known as the Gateway to Bigfoot Country, and ends 89 miles later in Happy Camp.

In 1852 Bigfoot was sighted by a Chinese miner in the area of Thompson Creek. More recently, hair samples found nearby in Oregon were proven to be of unknown origin, possibly true evidence of Bigfoot's presence in our forests.  Since that time, there have been numerous sightings of the creature known as BigFoot or Sasquatch.  In fact, there is now an 18 foot monument of BigFoot so if you don't see the real thing when you come, you will at least be able to see the statue.

There are many legends that speak of unusual hairy and tall beasts around the globe, but in those legends, it is often associated with being a Guardian of the forest.  For example, in Columbia, they have depicted similar images of BigFoot's in their forests to represent their admiration of their Forest Guardians.

The area along the BigFoot Scenic Byway is filled with deep forests and impressive mountain ranges along with wild rushing rivers and plenty of opportunities for recreation.  There are many quaint towns along the scenic byway as well as some Bigfoot-related festivals. This is, after all, the area with the most sightings of Sasquatch than anywhere in the nation.  If you are a fan of BigFoot, or love forests, this is the place you will want to visit and explore.