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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Frustration and Anger - a Sign You're Not on Your Right Life Path

I have noticed those who are easily angered, are those who are not yet on their chosen life path.  They haven't been able, for whatever reason, to get on the life path their soul hungers for.

As a result, these individuals are continually frustrated. Simple and easy things will seem to set them off.  Often, when they release their anger, it will grow to an extreme rage and not match anything that is logical or even considered close to normal.  Their ticker-tape of thoughts will continually be searching for things that are wrong as a way to help justify their ongoing unhappiness and frustration.

If this person doesn't get on their soul-bound life path, their anger and rage will continue to manifest and even grow over the years.  That frustration and hunger will never be resolved until they get on the life path that is correct for them.  Their continued frustration and anger is a way their inner self is trying to alert them to "CHANGE DIRECTION!  Get on a new path!"

It is never too late for someone to get on their designated life path. Never. The journey of life is about learning to tune in and follow your desires, dreams, ideas, and thoughts so you can experience the life you were meant to experience.

You just need to be brave enough to take that leap of faith, and do it.  Even if you are an old geezer.  It is never too late to change your direction and start walking on the life path your soul longs for.