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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Being Ordinary vs Extraordinary

People who have left their mark in the world or made a change in society have typical lives, just like what you and I have. They have struggles, ups and downs, and their life is not perfect. But they are still able to make a difference because they did certain activities that others did not do. It is those “other activities” activities that will cause us to believe they are different, and so they are, but they are also very much the same as who we are.

Much of your life will be consumed by normal activities of day-to-day living; however, there will also be opportunities to do, and even be consumed with “other types of activities.” These other activities are the ones which are different or above what other people do.

This won’t be steady focus of time and effort, as there will be ups and downs throughout, but there will be periods and times when being a bit “different” and doing activities that are not necessarily regular, can lead you down the extraordinary path.

There are ways you can know whether you should venture down this irregular path.  You may feel an uneasy longing within, pulling you in a new direction. This is often a preparatory feeling of a change you are being prepared to make.

When the time is right for that change, you may be made aware and even know what direction needs to be made.  It may become very clear to you.

The more you practice and develop this ability, you will even start to recognize these feelings, trust them, and learn to act on them.  This is when you really do become extraordinary, and perhaps, even amazing.