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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wild Things

Are you into wild animals but can’t afford an African Safari?  Or have you always wanted to meet the animal stars in many of your favorite movies but didn’t know how and where to go?  If so, there is a place you need to visit.  It is called “Wild Things, Inc” and is located in Northern California, near Monterey (in a town called Salinas, CA).

These are well cared for animals, like lions, tigers, and bears, and some are used in Hollywood movies. They even offer an overnight Bed and Breakfast where the elephants (and camels) will come to your door to serve a basket of food!  How cool is that?

They even have programs and events, like wine and cheese parties as well as holiday celebrations.

If you’re looking for something wild and different, this may just fit your bill.

Located at 400 River Road, Salinas, CA  93908
Phone:  800 228 7382
Website:  (with sound)