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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Making a Journal More Interesting

My mother kept a hand-written journal for many years. After she died, I inherited her big box of journals and tried to read through them.  I hate to say it, but they were pretty boring.  There was so much similarity day after day after day in her journals.  She wrote about who called, what she had for lunch, who may have visited, and her daily tasks.  She didn't share many feelings, thoughts, ideas, or any "meat."  I was disappointed, to say the least.

Recently I found a new interest.  It is called "Pinterest" and I'm finding it fun to read, and repin other peoples sayings, thoughts, and funnies.  I have discovered I can tell a lot about a person just by what is pinned to their board.  I quickly assume what a person is like based on what they pinned and for many, I get the feeling we could be good friends because of our common interests and pins.

I learned that through this quick process of scanning their pinned images, I probably know more about who and what this person is like than the hours I spent reading my mothers journals.

This got me thinking about what type of record I'm leaving and sharing.  Do I have any life lessons, thoughts, or feelings I want to share or leave behind?

So I'm on a new kick.  I have a new project.  I'm collecting little images, sayings, and ideas on Pinterest, and will then create a paragraph or so, sharing why this image or saying captured me and why I can relate to it.  I will then put it in some type of collection and leave behind for my family.

Through this process, I'm hoping to make my life story a bit more interesting and perhaps relatable. It seems this may be a good way to share what I learned, or what I wished I would have done.  For example, "don't over think, just let it go" is something I wish I would have done a lot more of.  I will share why I wish this is something I did earlier in my life and how I came to realize this and when I made that leap and change.

I am hoping this may be a better process than typical journaling and allow the opportunity to share more about what is within me, or at least make my story a bit more interesting and engaging.  Anyway, that is the plan.

So I now have another project.