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Monday, November 19, 2012

Hearst Castle

Hearst Castle is one of California’s most popular parks and is located in central California.  There are several different tours of the castle, but the evening tour is probably the most fun.  This tour includes volunteer actors playing the parts of some of Heart’s visitors, including prominent politicians, journalists, and Hollywood movie stars.  People like Winston Churchill, Calvin Coolidge, Howard Hughes, Cary Grant, Clark Gable, Great Garbo, Jean Harlow, Harpo Marx, and Charlie Chaplin, for example.

The evening tours are offered in the Spring and Fall and allows you to travel back in time and experience the castle in its heyday; the 1930’s.  If you take the tour, be prepared to walk and climb stairs because you’ll go up and down 308 stairs and also walk ¾ miles before this evening tour ends.

There are several other tours you can choose if the evening tour is not available or the stairs seem overwhelming.  For example, there is a Grand Rooms Tour (recommended for first time visitors), the Upstairs Suites Tour (which is includes most of the personal rooms), and the Cottages and Kitchen Tour (a tour of the most practical rooms).

If you are interested in seeing how the wealthy lived before the Great Depression or you like opulence and gaudiness, or maybe you like history, you’ll probably get a kick out of visiting the Hearst Castle and seeing how different (or how the same) things are today.