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Monday, October 1, 2012

You're Welcome, Peyton!

The Denver weekend began with a gorgeous full harvest moon.  The forecast said it was going to be a full "Peyton Manning" weekend.

On Sunday, after church (aka the pub for bloody mary's), we arrived at the stadium with the rest of Denver.  The stadium was a HUGE sea of orange.

I was one of the very few people not wearing orange.
I was in black.  
But I also sporting dual citizenship; I wore black in honor of the Raiders, but I also a Peyton Manning Bronco's hat to honor my new favorite quarterback for 2012; Mr P.M.

The pre-game began with parachuters and a fly-by of air force fighter jets. Then they rolled out the American flag and we all sang the National anthem.
The games then began.

Quickly the Bronco's scored.
And again they scored.
And again.
Every very time the Broncols scored, fireworks were set off and a woman would ride a bronco horse down the middle of the field.  
We all were swept up in the celebration.  

By the fourth quarter, Denver had beaten the Raiders 37 to 6.

I have come to realize that Peyton never played so well.
Because I was there.
I have concluded I must be Peyton's good luck charm!
You're welcome, Peyton.

Next time, just give me a signal you recognize this.  A little wave, perhaps.  A nod of your head.  How about a bow?
If you do this one itsy-bitsy little thing for me, I swear, next time I will even wear ORANGE!