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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Removing Internal Toxins

Ever since the most recent Chevron Oil refinery explosion in the Bay area, there has been a fine black coating of oily pollution all over my outdoor furniture and deck.   What surprised me is that even though I live miles and miles away from that refinery blast, the wind came along and carried Chevron’s toxins over the mountain, through the woods, and right to my back door. 

I couldn't help but realize this same coat of black oil on my out door table is probably resting right inside my own lungs.  It is also probably in every nook and cranny's within my body!

I've been studying Chinese Medicine, and in those classes we have been learning about different treatments, including dietary treatments, too.  For example, I've learned that SEAWEED is an EXCELLENT food to help remove toxins from your body.  So I told myself, “Anytime I go out to dinner, and there is sea weed on the menu, I’m ordering and eating that healthy toxin removing crap food.  I'm going to get that oil slick out of my body!

But who knew how strong my old behaviors would CLING to me, and shout, “No, No, No!  Go out for Mexican intead!  Or go out for Italian! Anything, but Asian!”


My mind says “you NEED sea weed” but my tongue says “YUK!  Make another selection. Who knows how long you are going to live, anyway?”

So my mind agrees, and margaritas it is!

It is hard to believe that even under these dire circumstances, my old flapping tongue would still take control over my brilliant mind. But it is true.

I am now starting to accept there will be a fine black oil slick within my lungs for a long, long time. This will probably last well after Chevron's new gas gauging prices have paid for THEIR mistake.

The only hope I have is that another and better tasting de-toxifying agent will work instead of sea weed.  Maybe a margarita can help remove oil toxins from the body??!  

I didn't think so.