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Friday, October 19, 2012

Livermore - "The Lab" or "The Wineries" Tour?

Did you know that Lawrence Livermore Laboratory hosts the birthplace of nuclear medicine?  It is also there where researchers helped solve the mysteries of photosynthesis AND explained the demise of the dinosaurs!

This Laboratory, located in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay, provides tours, offering visitors a view into some of our exciting state-of-the-art research programs. Some of the tours include the world’s largest and most energetic laser (WOW!).  Other tours may include the "Atmospheric Release" (what the hell is that? and another has "Mass Spectrometry" (uh, what??)

Their website says "The Lab" also does these kinds of things, too:
  • Enhances the nation’s defense
  • Reduces the global threat from terrorism and weapons of mass destruction
  • Provides Energy Technologies
  • Develops Weapons Programs
  • Creates High Explosives Applications 
  • Provides Global Security
  • Provides Energy and Environmental Security
  • Develops Hydrogen Fuel, Geothermal, Wind Forecasting, and Underground Coal Gasification
All I can say is there must be a lot of smart people with big vocabularies hanging out there.  And you know what that means?  Their parties must be legendary.

So if you want to find out what the hell they are talking about, take "The Lab" tour.  All I ask is for you to find out if Gary Larson, who was a scientist and was also the creator of the Far Side cartoons, find out if worked there and if he was the first to break the news about what really happened to dinosaurs? 

if you think "The Lab" doesn't sound quite like your thing, but you are DYING to visit Livermore, there are TONS of wineries right outside "The Lab" and you could do some special wine taste testing.    

I am pretty sure I know which of these two options will help you feel a LOT smarter by the end of the tour.