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Friday, March 23, 2012

Dirty Cops

The head of Police Vice in our town has not only been selling the drugs that were confiscated from drug busts, but also been running a brothel in our fair city.  "My Divine Skin" massage parlor was located across from Walgreens on Gregory Lane, and it was run by Norman Wielsch, the Commander of Contra Costa County Narcotics Enforcement.

Because I believe in shame and public humiliation as being one of the effective methods we have to help reinforce moral boundaries, I'm listing the names of these local dirty cops:
  • Norman Wielsch
  • Chrisotpher Butler
  • Stephen Tanabe
  • Louis Lombardi
There are even other types of shameful incidences coming forward that show a history of arrests being forgiven in exchange for sex, money, or drugs.  Geeze.  How dirty can these cops be?  

When police hide behind the public trust and act even worse than criminals, I can't help but hope they will forever be shamed and shunned.  It will be very difficult for any of us in the community to ever regain any trust in this police force again.

It's a sad day when the neighborhood gangs start to look better and are even more trustworthy than our very own police force.

For more information, see article and photos of these dirty cops.