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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Breast Prosthesis ID

A former room mate from college is on a lot of national committees who oversee and approve research grants for cancer. Recently she was in San Francisco, so of course, we had to have Girls Night Out along with a slumber party. After I dropped her off at the airport to return to Ohio, she got out one of her medical alert cards to give the TSA agents. She is a breast cancer survivor and wears a prosthesis and doesn't like to need to explain this nor receive those insensitive pat-downs every time she goes through security. Her hope is that by sharing these medical alert cards the agent will be more discriminatory in their search and now verbally yell at her when they notice something along her chest in the x-ray. The security process is humiliating anyway, but sometimes when she uses these cards it may not be as humiliating and embarrassing.
She then shared how she had been interviewed for an article in USA today about these medical alert cards.  At first she was had been pleased the information about the cards was being shared and others may follow benefit from using these cards, too.

"But then I received a letter from a woman in Portland condemning me for what I was doing."

"How could someone condemn this?  I asked.

"She said I was giving ideas to the terrorists. Now some terrorists are going to get a woman to surgically remove her breasts, have her wear a breast prothesis, give her a medical alert card to give to the TSA agent, and then go blow up the airport or a plane. No kidding, that is what the letter said."

I couldn't believe anyone would be so whacky, had so much free time to come up with hair-brained ideas, and live in so much fear.

Here is the article of the interview my friend gave in USA Today.