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Sunday, January 8, 2012

My 2012 Predictions

2012 is the year of the dragon. It is supposed to be a year of flamboyance, new beginnings, and good fortune, so with that, here are my predictions for the coming year.

There will be a lot of fire, excitement, and passion in new relationships. Those with current or old relationships, you will need to stoke the fires.  I suggest you try something new with your partner to make things more interesting and if you don't, you will see poofs of old stale smoke coming from the dragon where there used to be fire. If you like smoke, then enjoy. If you want fire, then try something new and different to get the smoldering embers burning again.

This is the year of good fortune. Most everyone will benefit financially in some way this year. Some may have small gains, others will have large gains, but overall, the direction for improved fortune happens in 2012. Really.

For those seeking to start a new business or new venture, the Year of the Dragon will be a good time to do so. For those in stable or solid careers, there will be a change in direction and you will be taking on either new assignments or need to learn and develop new skills. For those who have been looking for work, they will find work. It may not be at the same level of job you had in the past, but it will put you on a path to financial recovery.

You will take more control over your own health this year. A dragon demands attention, and so it will be for those who want to be cured or helped will their health and get it improved. If you are passive and allow others to decide your health status fate, you may or may not improve or start to feel better.

Some are predicting the world to end on Dec 21st of this year. It won’t. On Dec. 22, we’ll all wake up as usual and then realize we really do have to pay for all those things we charged on our credit card and yes, we really should have exercised and cut out those jelly beans.

May you enjoy 2012! It has the potential to be just absolutely FAB!