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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Early Christmas

Christmas came early this year.
I asked Santa to come to our house FIRST, so we woke up EARLY (aka 9 or 10) and rushed out to see what Santa brought us!

Santa ALWAYS brings socks, and much to our delight, socks were one of the treasures tucked neatly as a stocking stuffer wedged in the toe.

These socks turned out to be my favorite:

Notice how they look like a "I LOVE MOM" tattoo!  Pretty cool, huh?  (For some reason I don't think they will ever be worn.)

I personally had just two items on my Christmas wish list this year.
1) Any of Elizabeth Taylor Jewels, or
2) help with my computer.

My gift was beautifully wrapped with special holiday wrapping paper (aka with paper towels) so I knew it was special. And it WAS!!!

I now will get HELP with my computer applications and be able to take over the world!!!

We had a BLAST!

I hope you will have a great Christmas holiday, too!