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Sunday, November 27, 2011

We Have Arrived!

Most of my generation of women took Home Economics in high school rather than Shop or Auto-mechanics, so when we became single divorced women in middle age, we tapped into the home repair process we knew best; duct tape.
Imagine my surprise when I went to Home Depot to load up on duct tape for this months repairs and there was a vast assortment of colors to choose from. There was now DESIGNER tape that could go with almost any mood swing and style of repair I needed!  I was in was almost like buying shoes!!
There is also now PINK toolkits available as well. Can you imagine??
Women are now seen as a growing segment for the home repair supplies and equipment market. Either that, or there is a woman now in charge of marketing.

I now know what I'll be giving at every wedding shower or divorce party I go to...designer tools and duct tape!

I think we have arrived!