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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Art and Dream World of John Waterhouse

There are some artists who are able to capture your heart and soul and take you to new worlds never before imagined or experienced.  Such is the work of John William Waterhouse, an artist from 1849-1911, who draws me into see a world of his own creation.

The artist, John William Waterhouse, was born into an English couple of artists who went to Rome to study art. John was born in Rome, 1849, but then his father moved the family back to England in 1850.

Since John's parents were both artists, he grew up surrounded in a world of creativity.  He would help out in his father's art studio and it was there he began to develop and grow his artistic skills.
Many professionals at this time of artistic expression were rebelling against the pure and realistic lines of the Neoclassical period and started to produce art that took them into a new and different worlds.

John Waterhouse would often choose the world of Roman mythology for his subject material.  At other times, he would choose literary figures.  Most of his 200 pieces of work were of  women where he depicted them with refined and elegant beauty.

As you gaze at his work, you will notice his use of vibrant colors and almost Goddess-like qualities of the female muses.  You can feel they are almost a tribute and expression of love and admiration as if this is the world he most wants to be in.

When we view his work, it is easy to be transported to his world, one that is beautiful, peaceful, and almost nourishing.

At times while you gaze at his work, you swear you can smell the flowers and feel the textures brushing the hands of his femme fatales.

Mr. Waterhouse was able to share his inner world with us in a way we can be transported and share his personal dream and fantasy.

What more can you ask of an artist that to be included to a place that houses his heart and soul?