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Monday, November 28, 2011

Are You Re-evaluating Your Bucket List?

It is almost the end of 2011 which means many of you are getting ready to create new resolutions for 2012.  Some of these resolutions may include places to visit to help complete your bucket list and some things on your list need to come off.  If you are in the position to re-evaluate your bucket list, you need to get a copy of this little gem of a travel book, “101 Places NOT to See Before Your Die” by Catherine Price.

There are LOADS of places in this little book with recommendations to avoid.  Some of the recommendations surprised me.  She lists places like Mount Rushmore, The Blarney Stone, and Stonehenge as places to NOT visit.  She even encourages you to stay away from Shangri-La (because it is imaginary).  Hell, half my life is imaginary and I still stick with it!

There are other places on the list, like “The Four Corners,” and “Bart” (which stands for Bay Area Rapid Transit) as places that are let downs, and I agree with her opinion.  Both of these destinations sites will leave you wanting more and perhaps a shower.

There are places in the book, however, which sound rather intriguing.  I now admit my interest has been peaked when I read about the Testicle Festival an event celebrating (and eating) testicles.  I even learned the best testicle festival is in Missoula, Montana, so now if I start craving this delicacy or want some chewy delights, I know where to head.

I also learned that Hell is a real place and located in Michigan (I would have assumed it would have been Texas), but there is a close second to Hell already in that state....Disaster City, Texas.  Yes, she even talks about that place, too!

Another place that sounds kind of interesting is Fucking, Austria.  Really?  I hate to say it, but I now want to visit there and pick up a post card to mail to some former hunk.

If you’re looking for some ideas of what to add to your bucket list, or want some ideas of what to take  off your list, this is a pretty fun little book to have in your possession.  It would also be a funny stocking stuffer for those people who seem to have everything in their life or for those who seem to always be on vacation.

The author has a website with even more travel recommendations and fun stories.  One of her reviewers seemed to say it all; “Catherine Price is a hilarious guide to all that is sucky.”

If you are into visiting sucky places or want a bucket list to set you apart from everyone else, this book is for you.