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Friday, September 2, 2011

Walnut Creek, Where Livin' is Easy

I USED to work in downtown OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, but I now work in the burbs; Walnut Creek.  The difference in the two offices is absolutely amazing.   No one is asking me for money when I walk down the sidewalk.  I don't have to be looking over my shoulder at the end of the day to see if anyone is following me, and when I leave my office to go to a meeting, I don't even have to secure my computer, lock the office doors, and spit into the wind twirling 3 times before I leave and hope for the best.   I now just get up and go.

I was curious about the differences between the two offices, so did a bit of a comparison between the crimes in Walnut Creek vs the crimes in Oakland.

Here is the CRIME map for Walnut Creek.  The arrow shows you where I NOW work:

Here is the crime map for OAKLAND and the arrow points to where I used to work.
To be honest, I was kind of surprised to see so much crime in Walnut Creek because it feels so safe here, and then I started to look behind each of those bubbles on the Walnut Creek crime map.  I noticed  NONE of the bubbles was a murder!  Not one!  All those bubbles were for things like a driving violation, drugs, or assault.  There was NOT one murder on the map; Nada.

But the crime map bubbles displayed for Oakland are ALL MURDERS.  They don't even map the stuff like a DUI or a moving violation.  Why bother?

I am now totally getting relaxed and getting used to my new Walnut Creek digs.  It feels so safe and secure it almost feels like we are having siesta time all the time.  There ain't no stress here.

I am now wondering what I to do with my bullet proof underwear.  I surely won't need it in the burbs. I'm only going to need it if I decide to start my Oakland Murder tour.  But maybe by then, Oakland will have figured out a solution to stop all those murders and join the rest of California in what California is known know, California Dreamin'-  where life is peaceful and easy.  Ahhh...just like the burbs!