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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Return to Blogging

I used to be better at blogging.  In fact, throughout the day I used to gather ideas for writing, almost as if I was a reporter. Then I went back to school to study Chinese Medicine.  With this new commitment my focus changed from writing to learning.  It was like switching a lever within in me from "output" to "input" and with that change of the lever, my automatic thought process and internal feed also changed.  No longer was my mind automatically gathering writing ideas.  My mind was now trying to understand and decipher yin/yang theory and acupuncture channels and points. No longer was I gathering ideas to create an output, I was gathering new ideas and concepts as part of the input.

Currently I am between semesters in school and thought I would be able to now easily switch the lever from input to output and return to my writing. Not so!  There have been many moments when I have sat in front of the computer screen with a blank stare, trying to come up with something to blog or write about. It was as if I was sitting along my abandoned highway of thoughts and it was now showing plenty of weeds in the pavement from neglect. I kept hoping a car filled with ideas would swing by and carry me away, but nothing came.

This process of abandonment reminds me of how quickly and easily something can drift away.  Finding the right balance seems to be the key so that neither pursuit of either writing or learning gets over run with neglect.  This concept of finding and pursuing balance is something we discussed in school; the Chinese theory of yin and yang.  Sounds like something I should write about.