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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Oakland's Daily Photo Blog

I started blogging after a friend of mine persuaded me to join her in a daily blogging contest and after that, I was hooked.  But there are also blogs with a focus on daily photos rather than daily writing.

I recently started to follow a blog that posts photos each day of the city where I work; Oakland, CA.  Since I started following this blog, I began to see a whole new side of Oakland I never knew.   Oakland was now not just what I saw on the news (which is mostly about murders or riots) nor was it just what I experienced when came to work (which seemed like a lot of pot holes and broken sidewalks).  There was a rebirth going on in this city.  There was also a lot of history I never knew and many hidden gems.

The author/ photographer of this blog went to places and saw things I had not even noticed and soon I was getting the scoop and the poop on the different locations in this city.  A new adventure of discovering Oakland began and it was due in part to this daily photo blog,

There are a few other daily photo blog sites with a focus on showing a new side of their city, such as in St. Louis, but for the most part, there doesn’t seem to be very many daily blog photo sites like Oakland's daily photo site that continue after a few starting attempts.

For me the Oakland Daily Photo site is like being able to go meet the actors after a play. You get the opportunity to meet the city face to face and it then becomes up close and personal besides very memorable.