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Sunday, May 22, 2011

The New Battle Field...Cup Cakes

There are many battles going on in the world right now, but the war I had never heard of was the “cup cake war”.  This is a battle set in the food network and challenges bakers to make the best cup cake in the biz.

To be honest, I was surprised to learn there was even a cup cake truck that comes and parks outside our office building once a week, but there is.  And not only is there a truck that sells JUST cupcakes, when it comes to the neighborhood it is big news.  A gazillion employees (well, at least 50)  rush out to queue up to purchase a cupcake the minute the truck stops by.

But this weekend, when I had out-of-state guests, I was prepared to take my guests on my famous Oakland murder tour, but that was pooh-poohed in favor of visiting the famous battle of the cupcakes...where the battle began...where the cup cake wars originated.


Yes, this new battle’s point of origin was in NORTHERN CA!  I couldn’t believe it…. the home of the hippies, legalized marijuana, and sushi on a stick!  You mean we also created a CUPCAKE WAR in this land of known for anything goes and acceptance for all?


After visiting 3 different cup cake stores in the bay area, we all agreed the shop that started it all….the one in Palo Alto at the Stanford Mall…was the best and beat the other stores fair and square.

So this weekend, I became aware I am not only out of sync when it comes to the different wars being covered by cable news, but also that cupcakes have become so popular they are one of the fastest niche markets coming to life right now.

I am amazed.  Cupcakes were able to even beat out murder.