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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Women's History Day

March 8th is the day we honor Women and their contribution to our history.

Back when I was growing up, women could not get a bank loan without a man cosigning the loan. In Utah, that was the way it was up until 1975. Vee Carlisle, who I served with on the Utah Governors Commission for Women, sponsored the Federal Equal Credit Opportunity Acts of 1975 and 1977. After this bill passed, women could get a loan without requiring a man to co-sign their loan.

Also back in 1987, there was an exclusive private social gentlemen's club in downtown Salt Lake City called the Alta Club. This social club was known as THE place to make business deals, but it did not allow women in the club. Following a successful anti-discrimination lawsuit, the Alta Club was forced to open its doors to women and three women, Deedee Carradini (a Chamber of Commerce Executive), Genevieve Atwood (a Utah State Geologist) and Annette P. Cumming (a prominent local Democrat and philanthropist) became the first female members of this club.

Over the years there have been victories along the way that helped make us a better and more equitable nation. Progress during my life time has included paving the way for women to have different options in their career choice. Women no longer can only have the choice of nurse, secretary, or teacher; a women can now be anything she wants to be. 

Being able to borrow money, have any career available, own a business, and be in political office are monumental steps that happened during my lifetime.

These steps forward have help me realize how much we are all standing on the shoulders of thousands of other women who came before us. So on Women's History day, I honor you my fellow sisters. I am privileged to stand on your shoulders and enjoy the view, much of it being possible due to what you sacrificed for our generation. You have made us become a better nation.