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Friday, March 18, 2011


You may have heard that California has been declared a disaster area because of Japan’s nuclear reactor situation. California is downstream from Japan so there is a LOT of chatter going on about how much we are supposed to panic. Are we at the yellow level? or the orange level of panicking?

To panic correctly in CA, you have to gather together with others and talk. You also have to ask everyone's opinion.  After that, it is time to share feelings and eventually there will be a vote to action.

The next phase, the action phase, usually includes creating some protest signs and includes some kind of march.  When a group is going to protest nuclear fallout, you obviously have to go to where the problem is, which in this case will be the beach (aka the place where California meets the downwind stream of Japan via the Pacific Ocean).

A prerequisite for a protest include signs and posters, so naturally everyone will need to bring their signs that say “NUCLEAR FREE ZONE!” or “RADIATION, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE!” and perhaps there will be some signs from Nancy Reagan's era that just say "NO!"

The marching on the beach will probably be short lived because, after all, walking in beach sand is rather hard and tiring work. Soon someone will be sitting down and before you know it, a guitar will appear and someone will start to sing.  Everyone will eventually join in singing and someone else will bring out some healthy munchies (which will obviously include food laced with iodine, like seaweed and mushrooms).  It will then become a full fledge beach party.

The protest will end with a campfire, a big full moon, and the John Lennon song "Imagine".

That is how it is in California.  We can’t stay mad at anything for very long and there is always someone around who makes sure there is music and food to share.  At the end the day, we will forget about the need to panic and will be transformed in being part of a community that has wrapped us all in a warm blanket of friendship and support.

California is like that.  It is really a pretty cool place to live.