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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Old Roomie Visits

When I was in nursing school, I lived in the Medical Towers, an apartment complex on the University campus for students studying health sciences. One of my former roomates is now a big whig in the Cancer research field as well as a professor at Ohio State. We were able to reconnect this weekend after some 30+ years of not being in touch.

In many ways it felt like old times. We had lots of laughter and memories of the past, but what amazed me is how we both still have that desire to improve the world. We are now more seasoned with life experiences than were were back then, but it was so apparent to me how much improved we have become with age. We both went through life trials that helped us find out what we are made of, and with that, we developed inner strength and courage. It seems obvious now how those life experienced helped us develop wisdom.

As she chatted about her work in Appalachia, I could see a glow around her that was so filled with passion. I was proud of her. And proud of us.

We are going to get together at least once a year because she visits Stanford every year to lecture at the medical school. Next time we are going to have our other roomies join our party so it can be an official slumber party of silliness.

Thanks old roomie, for coming and sharing my love of San Francisco, the ocean, and exquisite suishi at Yoshi's. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.