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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Get Over It!

"My mother (taught) me a very fundamental lesson of humor, which is that if you slip on a banana peel, people laugh at you. BUT, if you tell people you slipped on a banana peel, it's your joke," explains Nora Ephron in her new book, “I Remember Nothing”. "And when you tell the story, you can then become the hero of the joke."

She also goes on to say, "My religion is 'Get over it!". My mother would say, Everything is copy; everything is material; work through it, get to the other side, turn it into something worthwhile”.

This philosophy worked for Nora Ephron, a journalist who later became the author of some movie favorites, including Silkwood, When Harry Met Sally, You've Got Mail and was also an accomplished Director, directing Sleepless in Seattle and Julie & Julia.

I like her philosophical munchies;
  • Get over it!
  • Turn it into something worthwhile.
  • And then tell the story in your own way.
I like how she has embraced and lived the philosophy her mother taught her.

For example, Ephron was married to the journalist Carl Bernstein of Watergate fame. Ephron had an infant son, Jacob, and while she was pregnant with her second son, she found out Bernstein was having an affair with their mutual friend, Margaret Jay, a British politician, who was also married at the time. Ephron took the emotional turmoil of those events and wrote the novel Heartburn, which was later made into a film starring Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep.

She demonstrated "Getting over it!" "Turn it into something worthwhile!" and "Tell the story in your own way".

I would say this is pretty good advice.