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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Foaming at the Mouth is Not Always Pretty

I’m getting tired of foaming at the mouth. Yes, it was cute and fun on Halloween but it clearly is not something I want to keep doing for Thanksgiving.

There is some interloper germ inside my lungs that is still having a field day of partying, complete with bubbly champagne and long exotic bubble baths. I have moments of coughing and drooling his bubbly remains out of my lungs and it is clearly impacting my image of being a Goddess.

But I have a plan!

I’m going for an acupuncture treatment on Monday and getting this interloper germ (or virus) stabbed in the back with a sneak attack of needles. I’m anticipating this acupuncture treatment to be his eviction notice and he will get the hell out of my lungs and shrivel up into nothingness.

So, hasta la vista, baby! Your time is up!